Raw Mouldings

Furst Bros. Company is capable of fulfilling your raw moulding needs, including custom size stretcher and canvas wrap mouldings. We stock Basswood, Poplar, Ash, White Pine, and Hard Maple, and we regularly utilize these woods to mill shapes from 4/4 to 8/4 thickness. If you are interested in creating a custom shape, our minimum order is 500 linear feet. We also guarantee quick shipment of raw moulding orders.

Compo Ornamenting / Embossing

Furst Bros. boasts over 100 years experience in compo ornamenting of wood mouldings. We also house a large selection of ornamenting and embossing rollers for the manufacture of custom profiles and designs.

Hand Leafing

Furst Bros. is in the process of expanding our hand leafing department. This expansion will allow us to produce more domestic hand-leafed picture frame mouldings. Currently, Furst Bros. utilizes different types of leaf: 2.5 Schlagmetal leaf, 12 kt White Gold, 22 kt Gold leaf, as well as Silver or Gold Shabin. We also specialize in Closed Corner framing, a distinctive style of framing perfect for elegant mirrors and ornate prints and canvases.

Finished Mouldings

Our expansive range of finishes—in either wood stains or lacquers—will please any customer. Our equipment used for manufacturing raw moulding includes a Gang Saw, Wadkin Moulder, Profile Sander, and Italian Compo Machine. For finishing, we use an Italian Automatic Spray Line and foiling machine. These machines allow us to provide the highest quality finishes in addition to competitive prices. If you are interested in designing a custom finish, our minimum order is 500 linear feet.