Furst’s in stock selection & warehouse capability is important to the success of my gallery.

    Victoria Salvano, President – Butler Gallery

For over 140 years Furst Bros. has delivered quality service to our customers. In fact, our longevity as a company is a testament to the innovative and reliable services our loyal customer base has grown to appreciate and expect. We recognize the fundamental role we play with each one of our customer’s jobs, and we hold our business accountable to produce the best in customer service to ensure a long-lasting work relationship.

Quality personal service, regularly maintained “Just In Time” inventory, impressive turnaround time, and numerous shipping and delivery options name only a few of the exceptional services we provide on a regular basis.

Quality Personal Service

We take pride in our ability to work with each customer on an individual basis at Furst Bros. Whether local or out-of-state, Furst Bros. customers can expect to ...

Just In Time Inventory

We diligently maintain inventory levels for all Furst Bros. picture frame products. This system not only allows our business to stay up-to-date and ready to serve customer needs, ...

Turn Around Time

Our turnaround times vary by product, but the estimated date of completion for each FB product can be counted on by our customers. It is our mission to ...

Shipping & Delivery

We provide local delivery in our trucks from Baltimore to Philadelphia in the North; to Ocean City, MD in the East; to Winchester, VA in the West; and ...