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Ownership and direction of our company has rested in the caring hands of the Decker family for the past three generations. Today’s leadership is in the hands of Susan and Bill Decker's sons, Steve Jupitz and Jonathan Decker. Originally purchased by William Hall in 1933 during the Great Depression, Furst Bros. persevered and guided the business through the economic struggles of that decade. Thirteen years later, Hall’s son-in-law, Robert Decker began working at the company beginning the family tradition that thrives today.


For nearly 150 years our 1215 Leadenhall Street location was home to the creativity and passion for framing that has carried our company. As we grew to accommodate the needs of our modern customer so did our need for space. Enter 3500 Marmenco Court, our new 66,000 sqft facility outfitted with state-of-the-art Kentwood milling and finishing equipment, 4 cutting-edge Gunnar CMC machines, and a laser engraving suite. As we look toward the future we retain a clear goal of striving to serve our loyal customers with ever expanding capabilities.

Historic 1215 Leadenhall St. Location
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